Are you still undecided to try ThinOX4PC, Praim software solution designed to extend the life of your PCs and turn them into powerful thin clients?

Brandon Lee from VirtualizationHowto tried ThinOX4PC together with ThinMan to enhanced its benefits. Take a look at his review at this -link- and learn more about his experience!

In many enterprise environments that may have aging desktop hardware and who are looking to transition to a VDI solution for end users, there are often difficult fiscal decisions that come to light when thinking of replacing hardware across the board. However, if that hardware could be repurposed so that it doesn’t have to be replaced and bridge the gap between physical hardware and virtual desktop infrastructure, that is a much better outcome.

The ThinOX4PC is a product that essentially turns an older PC or laptop into a thin client that can be used with any number of VDI technologies including but not limited to Citrix, Remote Desktop Client, VMware Horizon View, and others essentially allowing us to automate and repurpose old PCs into Thin Client VDI terminals. ThinOX4PC can be booted a couple of ways – either with a USB boot disk, or by installing ThinOX4PC on the physical disk of workstation/PC. For testing and POC, the USB boot disk is a great way to kick the tires with ThinOX4PC.

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