In these days more than ever, in the IT world security plays a fundamental role within companies, especially in environments where there is a continuous exchange of sensitive data.

Access to company resources and data is essential and information must be both secured and easily accessible by users. Praim offers the possibility of protecting user access with solutions that help increase the security standard of the IT infrastructure through Agile, the family of software solutions that allow you to centrally manage company devices, making them completely secure.

Agile is available in three versions: Agile4PC, Agile4Linux and Agile4Pi to offer both advantages to companies using Windows, Linux and Raspberry Pi platforms. By also adding the ThinMan management console, managing endpoints is easy and intuitive because it allows you to organize company devices into groups and establish customized policies.

Security with Agile

Using Agile and the locking features of the desktop interface allows to replace the standard Windows interface with an “intelligent”, controlled and intuitive interface that guarantees the user access to only the resources made available.

Furthermore, with Agile, it’s possible to block and control access to the system configuration. The end user will thus have access only to the applications and tools presented in the simplified Agile interface, while only IT administrators will be able to access the system configuration and other settings. Agile can also take advantage of Microsoft Unified Write Filter management to block disk writing and allows distribution of security certificates without using Group Policy.

Another peculiarity of Agile is related to cases in which the user, using his workstation, puts (often involuntarily) the security of the workstations or of the entire corporate infrastructure at risk. These are the cases in which an attack could break through within a company. Against these eventualities, Agile allows you to block the use of peripherals and some specific key combinations, to avoid malicious use of workstations.

Using software from the Agile family, IT administrators can also easily control and configure remote access. This feature allows to create and modify configurations to access virtualized infrastructures such as Citrix, VMware and Microsoft RDS and provide adequate remote assistance using ThinMan. In addition, they will be able to use the WiFi network to authenticate users and allow access to corporate resources.

The integration between Praim products can also help increase the security of the corporate infrastructure, specifically through authentication management (combined with ThinMan) and the ability to use two-factor authentication policies for access.

Finally, thanks to the combination of the Agile software with the ThinMan management console, it’s also possible to automate security by replicating all the functions on all devices via ThinMan, enabling scalability thanks to the cloning of profiles, configurations and devices.