In the last few days, a critical issue has emerged in Microsoft systems ( which allows an attacker to execute malicious code in a privileged way, using the Print Spooler running automatically by default on devices.

The problem affects practically all recent versions of Windows, both Desktop and Server side.

While waiting to check if the Microsoft KB5004959 update really solves the problem, it is possible to disable the Print Spooler services directly through the ThinMan console: Device update → Praim Update Installation (wiki).

The powershell should contain the following commands:

Stop-Service -Name Spooler -Force
Set-Service -Name Spooler -StartupType Disabled


By disabling the service, the device will no longer function as a print server, while printing from the device will work normally.

As soon as patch KB5004959 is confirmed as a fix, we will release an update for our Windows-based systems.