Companies today are increasingly working in a hybrid way, supporting a hybrid and highly diversified workforce. This new model has introduced flexibility, but at the same time also some challenges, especially in relation to the management of end users and the execution of activities such as the management of the IT infrastructure, now highly displaced.

Praim knows the needs of IT departments and, through the ThinMan management console, offers solid functions related to the management of Cloud resources that allow companies to have the necessary tools to effectively support users’ local and remote devices, even in cases where they work via the home network.

ThinMan, however, offers much more than just network connectivity, because it offers the tools and features necessary to meet the needs of a wide range of devices, users, configurations, policies and security requirements, and it does so through the Feature Packs, specifically designed to cover all the IT management needs that may arise in companies.

Feature Packs help companies through management functionalities by customizing the ThinMan console to meet their individual priorities and various requirements. There are three different Feature Packs versions:

  • Admin+ Feature Pack: to solve many fundamental challenges, raising the levels of reliability and security for many critical business sectors.
  • Network+ Feature Pack: with a focus on connectivity features and functionality. It has been created, in particular, to provide added value and optimization opportunities to companies with remote offices or with a large number of branch offices.
  • User+ Feature Pack: it focuses on customizing and automating access to IT resources and business applications. It also allows you to base these customizations on roles and user profiles, while strengthening authentication mechanisms.

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