Trento, 8th February – Praim, a leading provider of systems for the creation and management of thin & zero client software and hardware workstations, announced today the launch of its new innovative solution ThinMan Gateway. It has been developed to provide the optimized and secure management of branch offices: from the distribution of updates and policies on endpoints to the possibility of enabling the Wake On LAN.

ThinMan Gateway eliminated the necessity of having a VPN connection between headquarters and offices. It creates a remote repository to optimize data traffic over the corporate WAN to make updates more secure, faster and more efficient.

What does ThinMan Gateway offer?

Complete remote management of branch offices – ThinMan Gateway allows the application of all features of ThinMan Management Console to remote locations, thus an IT manager can easily and effortlessly control all subsidiaries.

Access to branch offices without VPN – after ThinMan Gateway installation in branch offices the IT administrator has complete access to remote devices, without a need of a VPN, simply by using the Internet connection.

Universal Wake On LAN – ThinMan Gateway allows remote Wake On LAN, provide remote assistance, distribute updates and polices across all remote networks. Thanks to the remote repository for the update packets, WAN traffic and update activities are reduced.

ThinMan Gateway is available in three versions:

  • Software
  • Virtual Appliance
  • Hardware Appliance

Three editions give customers the possibility to choose the version that best fits their needs and business requirements. All editions offer a complete data security and secure connection thanks to HTTPS protocol.

Gateway is the complete and innovative solution to optimize endpoint management in remote locations and make the most of all the features of your ThinMan console,” said Stefano Bonmassar, Chief Sales Officer at Praim.  “As nowadays, many companies have remote offices across the globe, it’s essential to have an overall control and remote management across all facilities.  ThinMan Gateway makes it possible for just one IT administrator to manage all offices, wherever they are. It can significantly improve companies efficiency, productivity and cut costs.

ThinMan Gateway is already available for purchase through the Praim resale channel. Also, its free trial is available to download at MyPraim area.

To learn more about ThinMan Gateway visit the page.