Disaster recovery is an extremely important part of any business continuity plan for organizations today. Most companies around the world heavily use technology solutions in the day-to-day tasks to provide products and services to their customers. Internally, technology is used to allow employees to complete tasks and day-to-day operations in a timely and efficient way. Efficient communication is extremely important with today’s competitive industries and business landscapes. Technology allows organizations to facilitate that effective communication. So, disaster recovery and being able to provide access to the normal technology solutions is a key part of business continuity when disaster strikes.

For organizations utilizing VDI solutions in house, this means that end user computing is affected when disasters bring down the core infrastructure that provides the virtual desktop solution utilized. Companies utilizing Praim solutions as part of their overall virtual desktop infrastructure are provided mechanisms within the solution to allow restoring services. Let’s take a look at how this is the case with ThinMan Server as we look at ThinMan Server Global Backup and Restore functionality and how this can be used to restore ThinMan Server.

ThinMan Server – Role in Praim Architecture

The ThinMan Server installation is a key component in the realm of Praim architecture. Many of the advanced features that can be utilized within the enterprise with Praim solutions is made possible by using ThinMan. Many of the manual remote PC and thin client management features can be accomplished with ThinMan Server as well. These include power management, scheduled activities, event-based activities, and sending/receiving configurations. The remote management capabilities and the centralized management allow administrators to be able to efficiently manage thin clients of all types and configurations remotely and from a single pane-of-glass utility.

These features and others are central to the overall architecture for Praim solutions. Having an effective way to back up the ThinMan Server configuration so configured settings, devices, etc can be restored, is a crucial part of architecting a disaster recovery plan for your Praim solution. Within the installation of Praim ThinMan, Praim has provided a ThinMan Global Backup utility that allows taking a backup of the ThinMan Server configuration and use the backup to restore all settings, etc to the same ThinMan Server or even a new ThinMan Server.

Let’s take a look at the workflow of using the ThinMan Global Backup utility to both create a backup of the configuration and then use the backup to restore the configuration to ThinMan Server.

Using the ThinMan Global Backup Utility to Backup and Restore Configuration

Launching the ThinMan Global Backup utility is simply a matter of launching the ThinMan Global Backup utility from the Program group. Below, is a screenshot from launching the ThinMan Global Backup utility on Windows Server 2016.

Launching ThinMan Global Backup

Launching the ThinMan Global Backup utility

The ThinMan Global Backup utility launches. As you can see, it is a very intuitive process with the option to Backup and Restore. Click the Global Backup button for backing up the configuration.

ThinMan Global Backup options

ThinMan Global Backup utility with options to Backup and Restore

You will see a warning about the process to perform a backup or restore. The process involves stopping the ThinMan Primary Services.

ThinMan Global Backup warning

Warning about stopping services with the ThinMan Global Backup utility process

The next part of the process is naming the backup file. The backup will default to the profile directory of the currently logged in user. A folder called ThinMan Files is located there.

Naming ThinMan Global Backup

Naming the ThinMan Server backup file for the ThinMan Global Backup utility

The ThinMan Service is first stopped and the backup is taken. Then, the services are started.

Starting ThinMan services

Starting ThinMan services after a successful backup is taken

A Global Backup file is successfully created.  You will see the dialog box below after the backup is successful and services are started.

ThinMan Global Backup successful

The backup is generated successfully using the ThinMan Global Backup utility

Below, you can verify the backup file was created. As mentioned, the default location is found under the profile directory, ThinMan files. The .tmbkp file is created with the ThinMan Global Backup utility.

Backup ThinMan Files

The backup file is successfully generated and created in the default location using the ThinMan Global Backup utility

Now, let’s take a look at the restore process of the ThinMan Server configuration using the ThinMan Global Backup utility. Launch the utility again. This time, select Global Restore.

Global Restore

Selecting the Global Restore option using the ThinMan Global Restore utility

You will see the warning again about the ThinMan Server services being stopped.

ThinMan Global Backup warning 2

Warning about services being stopped

Select the backup file that you want to restore.

ThinMan Global Restore

Selecting the backup file to restore using the ThinMan Global Restore

You will see the services stopping on the ThinMan Server.

ThinMan services stopping

Services stopping on the ThinMan server

You will see a warning when you are about to restore the ThinMan configuration. The warning notes the current configuration will be overwritten with the configuration contained in the backup.

ThinMan Global Backup warning 3

Warning about the configuration being replaced on the ThinMan Server

The ThinMan services have already been stopped. The configuration backup is restored, and the services are started.

Starting ThinMan Services 2

Services starting after the restore is complete


The Global Backup file is correctly restored.

Global Backup file is restored using the ThinMan Global Restore process



ThinMan Server provides a great way to backup and restore configuration settings from the ThinMan Server in cases of disaster recovery. Not only do organizations need to think about the high-availability of their data, but they also must think about high-availability for their infrastructure services such as their VDI infrastructure. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure services are at the core of the end user compute environment for organizations using VDI to deliver end user computing resources.

ThinMan Server is an integral part of the Praim VDI solution platform. Having an easy way to backup the configuration and also restore the configuration in the case the server goes down or needs to be restored, allows administrators to quickly restore the configuration settings to the server. By having a quick way to do this business continuity with the Praim VDI solution can be restored as quickly as possible.


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