During this time, managing PCs and mobile devices can be complex for many companies. IT managers need, in fact, to face the daily challenges of their profession and, in addition, the new needs created by homeworking, so they need to simplify the management of the various IT tools, to transform the IT team into a strategic business asset.

The challenges of IT professionals

In all companies there is an endpoint fleet formed by different types of devices, from the ones that always remain in the company, to those that, especially in this period of homeworking, are external to it. Furthermore, they require specific applications based on the different duties and use.

What remains unchanged for each company, is the need for IT Managers to update IT infrastructures, with particular attention to hybrid or multicloud infrastructures, with the related connected endpoints. Furthermore, security threats are a constant problem that must be monitored and stopped promptly. It is also important to have a clear understanding of the number of hardware and software resources in use in the company; the IT team always knows which devices are available, where they are located and how they can be reassigned if necessary to ensure the best productivity.

Organize the management of corporate IT tools

Automating the management services of all endpoints is a challenge with which companies have to deal, to obtain greater efficiency in their activities and to eliminate waste. The issue is not so much technological as strategic: if management is centralized and proactively implemented, it can represent one of the essential building blocks for efficient IT infrastructures.

In addition, daily activities related to the distribution of new applications or the assistance on computers or mobile devices are becoming more and more complicated and must be performed both in traditional and virtual physical environments. The productivity of the collaborators, the best customer support, the control of the production systems depend on increasingly heterogeneous digital devices that facilitate the digitalization of the processes but also complicate the life of the IT departments that must guarantee operation and security.

Praim’s solution

Praim allows maximum agility and scalability in the administration of workstations with the ThinMan centralized console. It is a management tool that organizes and tracks all devices from a single workstation, centralizing information and allowing remote management and maintenance operations on all devices.

The console lets you manage centrally Thin Clients and PCs, local version, remote and web. Specifically, management and maintenance operations are performed in a programmed way, automating the installation phases and, thanks to the profiling system, administration operations are also possible for the most heterogeneous groups of devices and users.

Through a simple and intuitive graphical interface, the IT department can create and configure workstations for any user, based on their needs and the type of endpoint, all from a single workstation and through a solution that, thanks to the three additional Feature Packs, it draws more and more on the specific needs of any customer, thus saving time for strategic activities for the growth of the company.