ThinMan Smart Identity allows you to implement a multi-factor authentication solution, managing user access to PCs and thin clients.

Trento, March 27, 2018 – Praim announces the upcoming release of ThinMan Smart Identity: an additional ThinMan Platinum Edition module that allows to manage users access to thin clients, PCs and their resources through the use of a personal smart card.

Thanks to ThinMan Smart Identity it is possible to manage accesses with security, speed and simplicity: the user can use a smart card (contact or contactless with NFC technology) to authenticate the workstation.

ThinMan Smart Identity allows to implement a multi-factor authentication solution, which the administrator can decide on the authentication parameters to be used: from simply inserting the card in the reader, to the request of the smart card with a password or PIN.

The enrollment process is very simple and totally guided by the IT manager, who decides how to register users and smart cards connected to them.

ThinMan Smart Identity will be available as an add-on for the ThinMan Platinum Edition version, Praim’s endpoint management console and will be compatible with Agile4PC, ThinOX4PC and all Praim Thin Client devices (Windows and ThinOX).

Would you like to learn more? Discover ThinMan Smart Identity from April 3, 2018 on Praim website!