An important innovation has been introduced in the most recent versions of the Praim ThinOX operating system. In fact, starting from version 11.6.0, ThinOX is released as a Single Multi-model Firmware. This feature allows you to obtain ThinOX, both for Thin Clients (for all models still supported, that is, which have not passed the EOM – End Of Maintenance term) and in the ThinOX4PC version, through a single package downloadable from MyPraim.

From the next publication of this firmware, therefore, it will no longer be necessary to search for the specific package for your model, but it will be sufficient to use the generic (single) file valid for all models.

In particular, it will no longer be necessary to identify and download as many different files as the Praim models you have in your infrastructure (for example, search for the “ThinOX – M9254 Firmware” pack for a Meridian quad core multi-client Thin Client model and then the “ThinOX – T9050 Firmware” package to have ThinOX4PC), with great advantage for those with a mixed infrastructure.

This will greatly simplify and speed up all management operations using ThinMan, which will no longer need to be differentiated by model.

Firmware Unico MyPraim

By introducing the single firmware, only the “ThinOX Firmware Multi-model” package will be made available on MyPraim which can be imported in ThinMan (with the advantage of loading a single file instead of many different ones in the repository) and used for all updating operations on devices that are still maintainable, regardless of their model. ThinOX4PC will still be made available also in an installable Live version (“ThinOX4PC – Live version” pack).

ThinMan and ThinOX will adapt the installation or update via this package to the specific endpoint model. The use of ThinMan does not change! There will also be advantages in terms of space occupation on the ThinMan “Package Repository” and in the distribution of packages to remote offices via ThinMan Gateway.

This important property is supported starting from version 8.3.0 of ThinMan, from version 2.3.1 of ThinMan Gateway and from version 1.8.1 of Praim Toolkit (the model choice will be proposed during the final phase of creating the recovery/update key).

Firmware Unico Toolkit