The new software which gives new life to old PCs and makes them manageable from the ThinMan management console.

Trento, June 13, 2017 – Praim, leader in providing a complete system for managing powerful software and hardware workstations, makes available ThinOX4PC, the software solution designed to extend the life of old PCs into powerful thin clients.

Today’s businesses can not give up on innovation, especially when it comes to IT infrastructure, but rationalising investments and granting workstation’s safety can sometimes be complicated.

ThinOX4PC converts old PCs, notebooks and thin clients from other brands into devices with the Praim ThinOX operating system. Converted devices integrate with ThinMan, the Praim software solution for enterprise endpoint centralised management.

The advantages of ThinOX4PC are many:

  • Investment cuts in new hardware

ThinOX4PC helps companies overcome the obsolescence of their hardware, optimizing investments, converting old PCs and notebooks into powerful, thin clients.

  • The best of the management with the ThinMan console

With ThinOX4PC and ThinMan, the IT department can leverage the convenience of unified management by abandoning multiple management tools for a single stable and secure platform. All the ThinMan console management configuration and deployment features are available for ThinOX4PC devices.

Two versions of ThinMan provide you with a calibrated solution for your needs: ThinMan Premium Edition, for complete and granular management of your devices and ThinMan Platinum Edition, for the advanced profiling and automation of workstation management and deployment operations.

  • Total security

ThinOX4PC makes the device totally secure by blocking disk write operations, making converted PCs virus-free. The Praim ThinOX operating system provides the administrator with the exclusive access to all configuration and installation operations, while maintaining the total control of the devices.

  • Two modes of use, a new unified experience device

The software can be used in two different ways: installed on the device or via USB key, in the latter case the system will boot directly from the USB stick, without the need to install the software on the hard disk.

No matter what hardware users are using, interaction and device experience with Praim ThinOX thin clients and ThinOX4PC converted devices is the same. The optimization for many ThinOX4PC hardware platforms ensures stable, secure, reliable and performing devices.


ThinMan and ThinOX4PC are available in free demo version for 30 days:


Download ThinOX4PC Demo

Download ThinMan Demo