For its VDI infrastructure, the University chose the flexibility and management of Praim thin clients.


The main need of the University of Florence was to replace obsolete workstations, like devices with Microsoft Windows XP operating system and Terminal Server. The University also required a rapid system to configure the workstations in all classrooms which were required by the teachers for their lessons. These workstations were then to be divided based on the applications and software they needed to run.


The great challenge faced by the University of Florence was the migration of many workstations with a limited number of human resources. Of primary importance to SIAF (Computer Services at the University of Florence) was also the satisfaction of the users of the university libraries, to achieve through the maximization of desktop resources.


Implementing a VDI Infrastructure using Atomino Quad Core Series thin clients. The automatic configuration of the devices was made possible by using the ThinMan centralized management console in Platinum version.


Reducing virtualized desktop management times, rapid deployment and configuration of workstations, and high energy savings are just a few of the benefits experienced by the University of Florence.


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