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Praim Trade-In

Update your thin clients of any brand
with the most technologically advanced Praim devices

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Upgrade your infrastructure and save money

Until March 31st you can replace and upgrade your old thin clients, saving immediately up to 20% on brand new thin clients.

Praim offers the most technologically advanced and the most reliable thin clients available on the market. Upgrade your endpoints and you will also get the best centralised management console free for 1 year.

Why to refresh your endpoint infrastructure?

Free Management Console for 1 year

The ThinMan management console offers unified management to all your company. Some of the biggest European companies are managed by ThinMan.

Save up to 20% on each thin client

Save money and enjoy new and compact thin clients with support to the latest technological standards, high performance and 3 years warranty included!

Free delivery to your office 

Choose your favourite thin client model, save money and we will take care of delivering your order directly to your office. Without any additional costs.

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