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manage all endpoints

The solution for Endpoint Management

IT people are often overloaded with every-day operational tasks and big infrastructure projects. These are the sort of tasks that keep the company working efficiently and can’t be ignored. But they can also take every moment available.

That’s why it’s important to use a tool that lets you get work done fast. So you have time for other task.

Why choose Praim Endpoint  Management Solutions? 

  • Keep all company computers updated.
  • Centrally manage all endpoints at headquarters and other locations.
  • Create new endpoint configurations or reset devices.
  • Distribute and install software applications and updates.
  • Automate management operations.
  • Speed up and simplify user authentication.
  • Enable fast, coordinated access for users with smart-cards.
  • Increase productivity and create power management policies.

Certified for VMware, Citrix and Microsoft infrastructures.

Choose the Praim management suite

ThinMan Console

The console that lets you manage all your endpoints from one location.

ThinMan Gateway

The solution for managing remote offices like they were in the next office.

ThinMan Smart Identity

The smart card authentication for controlled access to PCs and thin clients.


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