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Can VDI support data security and data loss prevention in banking and finance? 

Data breaches, ransomware, and other hacks occur with greater frequency every day in every industry. Centralised VDI solutions and the Praim products suite can play a crucial role in data security for the banking and financial sector:

  • Centralised management means that workstations are less vulnerable to attacks because software is up-to-date.
  • Diskless thin and zero client solutions eliminate the risk of tampering and rogue software.
  • Reduced maintenance costs for handling large numbers of endpoints across a wide territory.
  • Business continuity assurance with minimal staffing.

Centralised management and high performance thin and zero clients from Praim are the state-of the-art security solutions to access virtual desktops. 

Data security and data loss prevention

Secure all your endpoints. The PC as an end point remains the weak link in IT architecture. Praim thin and zero client solutions and PCs with ThinOX4PC reduce that risk through centralized management of firmware and applications.

Cheque verification with Emmedi ScanRead

Speed up the cheque authentication process. Designed to speed up the work of bank tellers, this integrated solution combines the Emmedi ScanRead VDI, Twain VDI technology and Praim ThinOX to dramatically reduce read and transfer time of cheque scanning.

Digital signatures

Improve security with digital signature support. Going with the best digital signature solutions like Euronovate, Xyzmo, Wacom and PRB is easy thanks to ThinOX OS and Thin and Zero client solutions from Praim.


“From the technical point of view, the management of endpoints, including software updates, is now much easier and faster, while the introduction of more consistent configuration policies has drastically reduced problems with both hardware and software, with a 60% decrease in requests for help.”
Claudio Boldri, Head of the Organization Office, Cassa di Risparmio di Volterra



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