Can technology reduce costs and increase flexibility for education? 

A secure, controlled environment is a must for learning, which makes central management of endpoints critical. You get top performing workstations with:

  • Fast endpoint configuration.
  • Lockable USB ports.
  • Standard user profiles.
  • Secure, fast and flexible access to resources with workstations that resist tampering, malware and hacks.

With Praim thin and zero clients and ThinMan software, IT administrators can access virtualised learning stations in a cloud infrastructure. Because capital and operational costs for Praim solutions are low, your institution can focus more resources on the job of teaching.

Write Filter 

Protect Windows 10 IoT Education workstations from any tampering, malware and hacks thanks to the Unified Write Filter (UWF) function. Improve the reliability and stability of endpoints and decrease the consumption on write-sensitive media.

Remote support 

Get control over student endpoints with ThinMan in the event of application and systems issues. Different levels of access can be set to provide the most efficient support possible.

Flexible access to resources

Enjoy flexible, easy access to virtual resources. Staff and students can access their virtual desktop wherever they are, keeping people connected to the applications they need.


“The simplicity and effectiveness of the Praim system removed the complexity of the traditional remote workstation.”
Nicola Corsi, Head of IT Services for Regional Health Service Common Structures
SIAF, University of Florence

“The centralized management from Praim is very simple, nice and straightforward. If you set your settings, they automatically go out to your devices and it just works. We plug devices in, we set their names up, they auto-discover, they are in the console and life is good.”
Giles Batchelor, Network Development & Services Manager, Moulton College



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