Is it possible to improve healthcare delivery and keep costs in control?

With thin clients, secure desktops, and integration with major suppliers of hospital systems, Praim helps medical, administrative and IT staff work smarter:

  • Ensuring business continuity with minimal staffing.
  • Bringing secure, fast and flexible access to resources with workstations that resist tampering, malware and hacks.

“Follow Me” Desktop

Relieve stress on healthcare workstations. The Follow-Me desktop allows doctors to move from workstation to workstation, keeping their virtual desktop with them wherever they are.

Single Sign On

Give staff fast, reliable access to patient data. Single Sign On lets staff log in to applications quickly, wherever they are, while main­taining high levels of security.

Single point of management

Manage and monitor all your endpoints, no matter how diverse they are. The ThinMan application offers seamless, unified management at the enterprise level. Some of  the  largest European hospitals are managed with ThinMan.


Ensure doctors have the simplest, fastest way to access patient data. Create comfortable Computer on Wheels (COWs) with laptops running ThinOX4PC or Praim Thin Clients. Now staff has access to virtual desktops anywhere in the hospital.


Praim systems work together with the best rapid sign-on solutions for healthcare, saving time and enabling better care. Medical staff get access to systems and records, but skip cumbersome passwords.

  • lmprivata OneSign® and No Click Access to virtual desktops.
  • Caradigm Single Sign-On and Context Management.


“The ThinMan Centralised management has allowed our IT team to regain control of clinical endpoints.”
Justin Beardmore, IT Infrastructure Manager at St. George’s NHS Healthcare Trust

With the solution from Praim and Imprivata, we are able to deliver secure, personalised desktops at the point of care, via the user’s NHS smartcard.
John-Jo Campbell, CIO at St George’s NHS Healthcare Trust



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