agile pc

Agile4PC is the Praim software solution that lets you keep your Windows devices while making them centrally controlled, totally managed, and completely secure.

You get full compatibility with virtualized infrastructures like Citrix, VMware, Microsoft, and access to cloud environments.

Administer all your PCs with just one tool!

Agile4PC connects to the ThinMan management console so you can monitor, configure and distribute software on all your PCs.
By automating repetitive tasks, ThinMan frees up your time for the more important stuff.

Make your PCs completely secure!

With Agile4PC you can replace the Windows desktop with a smart, controlled interface for accessing local and remote applications.
Now only an administrator can modify or install software. Say good-bye to tampering.

Create a kiosk in seconds!

With Agile4PC create a customized full-screen browser kiosk in just 5 clicks.
From information points to digital signage, with Agile4PC you can create and control kiosks easily and automatically.
Device security and application startup is assured.


  • PC management on and off the Microsoft domain
  • Inventory and organization
  • Distribution of connection configurations
  • Distribution of software and security certificates
  • Wi-Fi connections centralized management
  • Power management
  • Remote support
  • Desktop lockdown
  • Access to local and remote applications with smart GUI
  • Microsoft UWF (Unified Write Filter) management
  • PC authentication via Wi-Fi network
  • ThinMan Login: simplified access and custom profiles
  • Smart Identity: Login via smart card
  • GUI customization
  • Simplified creation of browser kiosks
  • Customization of navigation buttons