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With Agile4PC you can keep your Windows devices fully managed


Perfect for VDI access

Agile4PC is the Praim software solution that allows you to centrally manage your Windows devices, making them completely secure. It ensures full compatibility with virtualized infrastructures such as Citrix, VMware, Microsoft and access to Cloud environments.

The agent for Windows devices

With Agile4PC you can manage your Windows devices and all configuration management and distribution activities can be performed without the need to manage your PC within a Microsoft domain.

Sicurezza Agile4PC

Enhanced security for your PCs

With Agile4PC you can replace the Windows desktop with a smart and controlled interface for accessing local and remote applications. Only the administrator can modify or install software, avoiding any tampering, even involuntary, of the PCs.

Create your kiosks in seconds

With Agile4PC it only takes 5 clicks to create a customized full screen browser kiosk. From an information station to digital signage, with Agile4PC you can create and control the kiosk in a simple and automatic way.

Chioschi Agile4PC
Agile4PC e ThinMan

Agile4PC and ThinMan: the perfect combination

Agile4PC connects your PCs to the ThinMan management console, with which you can manage, configure, distribute software and automate any operation through a single tool.


  • PC management on and off the Microsoft domain
  • Inventory and organization
  • Distribution of connection configurations
  • Distribution of software and security certificates
  • Wi-Fi connections centralized management
  • Power management
  • Remote support
  • Desktop lockdown
  • Access to local and remote applications with smart GUI
  • Microsoft UWF (Unified Write Filter) management
  • PC authentication via Wi-Fi network
  • ThinMan Login: simplified access and custom profiles
  • Smart Identity: Login via smart card
  • GUI customization
  • Simplified creation of browser kiosks
  • Customization of navigation buttons