ThinMan Feature Packs

Add one or more Feature Packs to your ThinMan Advanced and customize
your management console according to the needs of your company


Perfect for:

Healthcare, Banking & Finance, Public Administration, GDO, F&B

Business needs:

For big companies with a large number of users, also with shared workstations, or that manage personnel from subsidiaries. For complex companies, with widespread offices and staff mobility (also Smart Working). For companies that need authentication or a quick and secure access to the workstations and a simplified experience (e.g. through devices such as smart cards).


Profiles – User policies: they specify the behavior that the endpoint must have (authentication, resources to be shown, configuration customization) to meet the needs of the specific user/role/group/domain.

Smart Identity: it strengthens and simplifies the experience of accessing and authenticating one’s resources, enabling the use of proximity cards or two-factor authentication (with password or pin).

ThinMan Login: ThinMan also offers the user authentication service, managing the login credentials of locally defined users or integrating with the company LDAP.

ACL on local and multi-LDAP users: it enhances all the features offered by the package, making them flexibly applicable even in environments that integrate multiple different domains.
The LDAP (and multi-LDAP) option can coexist with local users, so that the administrator can also use an additional domain consisting of all locally defined users.


Perfect for:

Banking & Finance, Telco, Holdings, Public Administration

Business needs:

For companies with scalability requirements in the number of workstations and that need to guarantee high reliability and business continuity. Companies that adopt superior security practices and that manage IT administration through a team with different privileges.

Use of multiple consoles: the Admin + Feature Pack is the essential tool to use ThinMan in Remote and Web Console versions.

Business continuity/redundancy area features:

External database: to strengthen the reliability of ThinMan configuration data through the use of a dedicated database, which can reside on a dedicated server (redundant or with recovery potential), and capable of scaling performance on large infrastructures.

Business continuity of service (second ThinMan instance): it gives the possibility of using a second ThinMan agent capable of offering load distribution and business continuity even when the main ThinMan cannot be reached.

Security/management area features:

Access control list (ACL): gives the possibility to define the list of administrators (corporate users) enabled to use ThinMan, as well as the different privileges of each one in ThinMan.

Multi-LDAP ready ACL: the ACL functionality can be integrated with corporate LDAP and can also be available to authenticate administrator users belonging to multiple LDAP (domains).

WSS with SSL certificates use: the possibility to import your own private certificates for use on the WSS secure protocol for communication between the endpoints and ThinMan (continuous and secure connection between ThinMan and all devices even on different networks, without the need of a VPN).


Perfect for:

GDO, Logistics, Manufacturing, Utilities

Business needs:

For large companies with distributed offices in different areas that need to optimize the organization of the infrastructure and limit consumption (energy or network traffic in cases of updating).


ThinMan Gateway: it offers complete access to the management and remote assistance of the entire network of peripheral office devices simply through a normal Internet connection, without the need to define specific VPNs.

Wake on LAN relay: the possibility to schedule a remotely propagated switch-on of devices to optimize power management on the company’s remote offices.