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With ThinOX4PC USB your staff can work remotely with a secure operating system

Perché scegliere ThinOX4PC USB

Why choose ThinOX4PC USB

ThinOX4PC USB allows you to offer your staff the opportunity to work in a secure way even outside the company.
A lightweight and easy-to-use solution that guarantees IT Managers complete management of heterogeneous endpoint infrastructures.

Ideal for working remotely

ThinOX4PC USB offers mobility and flexibility to users. It’s an excellent software solution to be provided to each employee to be performed on the office hardware or remotely, on the personal device, opening up various possibilities for flexible work.

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ThinOX4PC USB makes your workstations secure

By booting the Praim ThinOX Linux-based operating system on your workstations, ThinOX4PC USB guarantees a total block on disk writes, making the devices immune to viruses or tampering. Only system administrators can perform updates, configurations, and deploy connections to corporate resources.

ThinOX4PC USB and ThinMan: the perfect match

The ThinMan management console allows you to remotely control, manage and automate any operation on the devices that install ThinOX4PC: managing your company has never been easier.

Ready to Use
Ready to Use

Ready & easy-to-use

Your employees will be able to use their personal device (PC or notebook) simply by inserting ThinOX4PC USB and restarting it.
This will allow them to work in a secure, separate and fully centrally managed environment, even remotely.

Wi-Fi friendly

Thanks to the Wi-Fi Wizard, the user can configure the most suitable Wi-Fi network to connect to quickly and securely. This guarantees a simple and immediate experience and the ability to work by connecting anywhere, via the home network or a public connection.



  • Virus Free
  • Disk write protection
  • USB mass storage lock
  • Full centralized management
  • Configuration & firmware updates
  • Wake on LAN
  • Scheduled activities
  • Unified environment
  • One OS for practically any device
  • Increased security
  • Fully managed by ThinMan
  • Extended hardware life