Quantum: the high-performance thin client

quantum prestazioni elevate

The high performance thin client

Quantum is the device capable of guaranteeing an incredibly powerful and performing workstation.

Multitasking (4 monitors) up to 4K

Thanks to the processor and 4K resolution, Quantum guarantees high performance even with complex applications.

4 display
8 usb

The thin client with more USB ports

Quantum makes sure that all the peripherals you need are connected thanks to the presence of its 8 USB ports.

Optic fiber

You have the possibility to choose the type of connection: Gigabit Ethernet connectivity or also optical fiber.

quantum fibra ottica


Processor – AMD RX-216GD Dual-Core up to 3GHz

Graphics – Merlin Falcon platform

Display – up to 3840×2160 and up to 4 monitor 

Power Consumption (On/Off) –  5.0W / 0.3W

Ports – 8 USB ports (2 USB 3.0), 3 DP ports (one optional) and 1 HDMI port, 1 Serial COM port, 1x Mic. In, 1x Line Out

Connectivity – Gigabit Ethernet, Wireless 802.11ac/Bluetooth dual band – optional, 1 external antenna + 1 internal antenna, optional optical fiber 

ThinMan Premium License included and free for the first year (for Praim customers)