The technological evolution of SUSA S.p.A.: towards a standardized infrastructure

2019-01-11T04:57:44+02:00July 25th, 2018|

The total control of workstations and the standardization of the application system provide SUSA S.p.A. with a great improvement in performance.


SUSA S.p.A. needed an update of the infrastructure for the resolution of problems related to the management of workstations. The company’s will was to evolve and equip itself with new technologies to maximize the user experience.


The entire infrastructure had to be fully integrated with the new applications and with all the peripherals in use in the various departments. Furthermore, the renovation had to take place without any disruption to users.


After a careful analysis of the project by the staff of PCS Group, Citrix and Praim, SUSA S.p.A. reconfirmed the choice of Praim thin clients devices, with a change from the CE operating system to Praim ThinOX and has also started the transition to the Citrix XenDesktop HDX farm.


SUSA S.p.A. it benefited from considerable savings, which translated into a concrete reduction in the time required to restore workstations, bringing substantial benefits also to workstations’ management. The company has also increased the level of security, using an effective data loss prevention system.


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