The candidate will bring technical leadership to support Praim’s initiatives involving computing and automation capabilities in the Cloud and will be involved in the creation of a new technological framework and product offered in the cloud.

The focus of the position will be on the design and development of systems and services running on Cloud platforms. The services will be offered as products to the Praim customer-base and thus they will be designed to be operative and accessible 24/7.
The Architect will be responsible for ensuring the engineering properties and quality of the solutions, matching the goals of critical applications. The solutions will leverage on Cloud potentials and optimizations for providing high availability and disaster recovery capability taking into consideration also the minimization of the payload.

Additionally, the candidate will be responsible of providing to the company architectural expertise, sharing insights and best practices concerning cloud technologies. She/he will work within the R&D department, in continuous collaboration with the other member of the product’s team and integrating the development activities with the other products and teams.


The ideal candidate must have experience in designing complex IT operations and must have a grounded, general knowledge in Computer Science (graduated in Computer Science or closely related subject). The position requires strong organizational (planning and timely execution), collaborative and team-building skills. The candidate will be asked to collaborate effectively with a group of high performing individuals aiming at the highest possible product quality.

Other requirements:

  • Demonstrated knowledge of cloud architecture and implementation features
    (OS, multi-tenancy, virtualization, orchestration, scalability)
  • Demonstrated knowledge of the DevOps tool chain and processes
  • Knowledge of all components of an ICT architecture
  • Experience in the various software development process and best-practices
  • Strong understanding of network architecture and development methodologies
  • Act as a subject matter expert in cloud end-to-end architecture for the organization, including knowledge on AWS and others, with an always-learning mindset approaching future providers, networking, provisioning and management topics
  • Experience with AWS and VMWare enterprise implementations
  • Maintain an overall industrial knowledge on latest trends, technology, etc.
  • Knowledge of business process re-engineering principles and processes
  • Exposure to multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments
  • Be confident with several programming languages
    (including: Python, Javascript, Go -golang-, C++)
  • Know how to write REST APIs and expose a web application to the user (deployment, docker, proxies, security)
  • Knowledge on Kubernetes and experience with IoT is welcome

Position details:

  • Area: Software Development (Cloud Services, Edge Computing, Operative Systems)
  • Target: Innovation and new products design/development
  • Enrolment: Mid or Senior, depending from previous experience
  • Status: Professional, Cloud Architect/Engineer (Software Analyst and Developer)
  • Employment Type: Permanent, Full-Time
  • Location: Trento, Italy (head-quarter) and remote (full-remote is an option)

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