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End of Production (EOP) – Compact Dual Core Series

Dear Customer,
We would like to inform you that all the Thin Client models of Compact Dual Core series has reached the End Of Production (EOP) status.

Availability: Finished – The products are no longer available for purchase.

Alternative models: The models of the Compact Dual Core Series are replaced in equivalence with the new models of Neutrino Series.

NOTE: Contact your dealer or Praim sales reference to select the most suitable model for the selected IT infrastructure.

Compact Dual Core Series products enter to the standard maintenance period, as provided by the life cycle of Praim products.

Repair and warranty policy: There are no changes in general terms of warranty. The terms are described in the document – General Warranty Terms

Support and Service Policy: There are no changes in the product life cycle. The terms are described in the document – Thin Client Lifecycle.

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