Please follow these steps in order to register to Praim platform:

1. First of all you need to click Login, in the upper right-hand corner of the page or connect tO

2. Scroll down to the Registration part of the page

3. Fill in the form and click Register.

4. You will receive an activation email from our marketing department. You need to click the button Activate your account.

5. You are now registered and logged in and activate your demo products!


My Praim is the website area where you could find the following resources:

My Products: the complete list of your Thin & Zero clients devices
My Software: the details about your ThinMan console
License request: if you still don’t have a ThinMan license, you could request for free a ThinMan Premium license
Download: here you could find all our software products, firmware, add-ons,…
RMA and DOA: you could manage the RMA (Return Authorization Material) and DOA (Dead on Arrival) requests
Support: here you could open a ticket to request technical support
Deal registration (Dealers only): to secure your sales opportunity and get our support to develop your business

To request access to the complete dashboard please follow these steps:

1. Log in to

2.Once logged in you’ll see your user name and icon on the top right side of the page

3.Click on your account icon on the top right of the page. The menu will open. Click on My Praim.
You’ll be redirect to a form page.

4.Fill in the form to validate your company details and click Request Access to My Praim. Praim staff will examine your request, in order to connect you to your company profile and products (the process usually takes 1-2 working days). You will receive a confirmationemail of your My Praim area.

There is strength in numbers

Our dealers are able to leverage our technology and work with us to design the optimal solutions for you.


They have chosen Praim solutions