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Lowering management and energy costs, while reducing inefficiency to minimum in the event of failure

Operating in an hospital is an extremely costly and delicate venture requiring lots of time.

There is no space for inefficiency and failures. AOUI Verona overcame those challenges by implementing Praim solutions.

Goal: Find a supplementary solution for the PC classic paradigm, which turns out to be heavy in terms of costs and time, while decreasing the inefficiency to minimum in case of failure.

Challenge: AOUI Hospital Verona, the second biggest hospital in Italy considering number of beds, needed a large scale centralized management solution for over a 1000 endpoints and at the same time, through devices which were simple to configure and easy to replace.

Solution: Implementing desktop virtualization with low energy consumption Thin Clients: Praim XT9000-C and XT9050-A. Introducing centralized management console Praim ThinMan, which remotely manages all stations.

Results: AOUI Hospital Verona, significantly decreased energy consumption, which resulted in much smaller electricity bills. The maintenance time and cost of thousands of endpoints units dropped improving the management efficiency. Data is more secure and easy to backup – in case of terminal failure, essential data aren’t lost as they are centrally stored.

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