PROMO Praim Thin Clients Trade-In Campaign 2016 - United Kingdom
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PROMO Praim Trade-In Campaign 2016 – UK

Until December 31st, 2016 you’ll have the incredible opportunity to replace and upgrade your old Thin Clients, saving immediately up to £10 on each client replaced with a brand new Praim Thin or Zero Client.ecoincentivi

By upgrading your Thin Clients, you will take advantages of the last evolution of thin client technology, increasing the power saving and enjoying the improved performances solutions.

The program, effective within a specified period, does not set quantitative limits and provides an immediate overvaluation of replaced Thin Clients with immediate savings on the purchase of new devices.

Some good reasons to choose a thin client

  • A green choice through energy saving

The use of new generation Thin Clients to access centralized infrastructures allows to further reduce energy costs and helps You to safeguard the environment of our planet by reducing CO2 emissions.

  • Saving money

Compared to a PC each thin client saves at least £50 per year of energy costs, contributing a return of the initial investment in less than 3 years.

  • Long-term investment

Thin client devices have a higher average life then a PC workstation. As they have no moving parts such as hard drives and fans, their life is about 5 times longer than a PC. Companies can therefore count on much more long-lived devices, with very low maintenance requirements.

  • Centralized management of the infrastructure

The centralized management of thin clients (one of the core advantages of Praim technology) allows complete control of endpoints from a single or multiple console according to the business needs. IT managers can therefore work centrally performing all configuration, upgrade, reset and software maintenance service without being physically on the device.

Praim Trade-In Campaign terms

Valid up to

December 31st , 2016


United Kingdom

Discounted models

Any Praim Thin Client model.


The programme starts with a minimum of 5 units, with no max quantity required.

Trade-in discount Token

Token value for each thin client replaced with a brand new Praim unit.

Thin Client series Trade-in token
Ino SoC Series  GBP    5,00
Compact Dual Core Series GBP    8,00
Atomino & Ultra Quad Core Series, Duetto Quad Core Series, P Series GBP  10,00

Programme Membership

The program is reserved to End Users. The end user interested in joining the Trade-in programme, must fill in and send the signed application form back within the period of validity in accordance with Praim local dealers. The application form must be sent before the purchase of new devices. Praim will not accept applications forms received after the purchase order. Submission of the form has to be done from the End User to the Praim dealer. Praim dealer, will forward to Praim Order offices the application form via Fax at +39-0461-420581 or via e-mail at

Programme general conditions

The programme is reserved to End Users of thin clients of any brand and model, looking to replace their terminals with new Praim models. Praim will discount the Trade-in value defined in this document, for each Thin Client replaced with a new Praim model. The end user is asked to sign an application form with details of models replaced. Praim reserves the right to reject the application form whether the devices listed are not valid within the trade-in programme.

Types of devices suitable for Trade-in programme

Any brand and model of devices defined as Thin Client Terminal products are relevant to this Trade-in programme. The number of replaced devices must be equal to the number of devices purchased. In the application form must be listed the specific brand, model and S/Ns of the replaced units.

Prices & Delivery

The conditions set by this program do not include any delivery costs, installation or replacement service for the replaced devices. The prices quoted do not include VAT. Different conditions can be offered by the channel partners participating in this trade-in initiative.

Payment of the Trade-in value

If the Trade-in application form is accepted, Praim will discount the Trade-in value directly from the purchase order. If the End User purchases the products through Praim channel, payment transactions will be handled directly through the dealer.

Final notes

The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions and special quotes.

Praim reserves the right to cancel or modify the terms of promotion in its sole judgment, no notice is due.

Download the promo PDF.

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