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Hardware Warranty 1

On center warranty (OCW)

A great service at a valuable price. The On-Center Warranty option (OCW) provides for reparation in case of device malfunctions. This warranty covers the repair costs by Praim help center and also the shipment back to customers.

All Praim Thin & Zero Client solutions benefit of 3 years of Standard On-Center Warranty, which can be extended up to 5 years.

Pickup and return (PRW)

The best option for those clients who don’t want to worry about any additional cost. The warranty includes the entire pick-up, repair and return of the device to the client, shipping included.

We take care of everything so you can stay with a peaceful mind.
The Pickup and Return (PRW) option can be added to the standard warranty and extended up to 5 years.

Hardware Warranty 2

Hardware Warranty 3

Advanced replacement service (ARS)

This option gives customers an upgraded warranty service and represents the best solution for those who appreciate comfort and don’t want to risk any lost or time wastes.

The client will benefit from a replacement unit within 24-48 hours and the collection of the defective device. This option fully covers all costs related to repair and shipment. Enjoy full comfort!

Technical Support

Praim believes in the importance of having an excellent and efficient technical support. The technical support is available from Monday to Friday, from 9.00 to 13.00 and from 14.00 to 17.00, and it covers all Praim products. All clients can open a support ticket in the reserved area by filling in the form: answers to the problems will be given with Best Effort priority. Clients can also check Praim Knowledge Hub, Wiki or Expert Community in order to find problems-related solutions.

ThinMan Subscription

TheinMan subscription, formerly called ThinMan Software Assurance, allows you to get the most out of the services available for Praim products. The fee enables the console to the management of the devices and updates of the new ThinMan features, starting from the second year of use. The first year of ThinMan subscriprion is included in both editions of ThinMan. The renewal is extremely convenient and it allows you to keep on accessing all Praim additional services.

Consultancy 1


Driving a company growth and introducing advanced IT progress requires an extending knowledge, deep analysis and years of experience in the industry. Praim offers support and IT consulting in deployment and optimization of technology assets. With its experience, Praim is a natural choice in case of headaches with IT system integrations and installation.


Praim has 30 years of expertise in facilitating IT people life. Our company evolves together with changes in the IT world. Each year growing stronger and wiser.  During all this time we showed and introduced new trends to our clients.



Extensive knowledge and understanding

We are a group of people who is passionate about IT solutions, virtualisation and system integration. Our passion together with our experience results in immense knowledge and detailed insight into the industry which we enjoy to share with our clients.


In Praim we believe in strong partnerships, long lasting relationship that base on trust. To each of our clients we have an individual approach in order to answer and respond to all needs and issues in the best possible way.


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Our dealers are able to leverage our technology and work with us to design the optimal solutions for you.


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