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ThinMan Software Assurance guarantees the best service for your Praim products.

ThinMan Software Assurance is the service annual fee designed to ensure our customers the highest level of assistance and the constant update of the purchased products.

An active Software Assurance agreement makes it possible to update your console by adding the new released features.

In addition, Software Assurance ensures priority access to Praim support services, as well as the access to 30% discounts on technical trainings.

The renewal price is very affordable and the advantages are extremely valuable.

Praim Software Assurance

Software Assurance
Software Assurance
ThinMan console evolution updates Yes
Thin & Zero Client and ThinMan console support service
Support ticket opening via email Yes Yes
Access to telephone support service Basic Priority
Remote assistance service Yes
Discount on Praim trainings 30%


How is the ThinMan Software Assurance fee calculated?


ThinMan Premium Edition   Based on the number of managed devices
(Thin Client, Zero Client, ThinOX4PC)
Thinman Platinum Edition Based on the number of purchased
ThinMan devices licences


Software Assurance 1 year subscription ThinMan
Premium Edition
Platinum Edition
From 1 up to 25 managed Thin Clients € 50 € 58
From 26 up to 50 managed Thin Clients € 100 € 115
From 51 up to 75 managed Thin Clients € 150 € 173
From 76 up to 100 managed Thin Clients € 200 € 230
Over 100 managed Thin Clients € 2 per device € 2,3 per device

NOTE: The Software Assurance price is increased by 20% if renewed after the expiry date.
The renewal date always matches with the initial subscription date.

How to renew ThinMan Software Assurance?

The first year fee is included with the request of ThinMan Premium Edition license, or purchase of the Platinum Edition.

At the end of the first year you will need to buy the renewal of your Software Assurance for both versions.
You can buy your Software Assurance renewal from Praim at the showed price, or request a quotation to your preferred dealer.

Renew from ThinMan Console

Version 7.6.0 or higher
You can automatically request the renewal using the dedicated functions included in the ThinMan License menu.

Previous versions
You can follow the link included in the renewal warning that the console will show you next to the expiration date.

Renew from MyPraim Area
You can user the Software Assurance Renewal page displayed in your My Praim reserved area on our website.


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