ThinMan Software Assurance guarantees the best service for your Praim products.

ThinMan Software Assurance is the service annual fee designed to ensure our customers the highest level of assistance and the constant updating of the purchased products.

An active Software Assurance agreement makes it possible to update their console released adding the new released features.

In addition, Software Assurance, ensures priority access to Praim support services, as well as access to 30% discounts on technical trainings.

The renewal price is very affordable but the perks are extremely valuable.

Praim Software Assurance

Software Assurance
Software Assurance
ThinMan evolutions updates Si
Thin & Zero Client and ThinMan console support service
Support ticket opening via email Si Si
Access to telephone support service Basic Prioritario
Remote assistance service Si
Discount on Praim trainings 30%


How is the calculated the ThinMan Software Assurance fee?

The fee for Software Assurance is calculated based on the edition of ThinMan you use (Premium or Platinum) and the number of devices that are managed by the console.

ThinMan Sofware Assurance  
ThinMan Premium Edition Based on the number of managed devices

(Thin client, Zero Client, ThinOX4PC)

ThinMan Platinum Editition Based on the number of purchased ThinMan administrated devices licences 

How to buy ThinMan Sofware Assurance?

The first year fee is included with the request of ThinMan Premium Edition license, or purchase of the Platinum Edition.


At the end of the first year you will need to buy the renewal of your Software Assurance for both versions.

To apply for renewal of your software assurance is necessary to communicate to your dealer the following information:

1) ThinMan license serial number and software assurance expiration date

Where do I find these information?
You can quickly retrieve this information directly from  ThinMan management console.

2) The number of managed devices

Where do I find this information?
You can quickly retrieve this information directly from  ThinMan management console.
In the footer of the console are shown the number of  managed devices  / the number of  device licenses that can be used (so the maximum number of manageable devices).

3) Create the inventory file and attach it to the renewal quotation request

The inventory files of the devices is required by Praim for renewal order fulfillment. It is therefore recommended to create it already in the quotation request, so the reseller can attach it directly to the purchare order.
By providing this information, you can quickly receive an offer of renewal and, in case of confirmation of the order, directly proceed to the renewal order.

How can I create the inventory file?

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