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Take control and make sure all your PCs are safe

Transform your network PCs into flexible and fully managed devices.

Administer all your PCs with just one tool


Agile4PC connects to the ThinMan management console to monitor, configure and distribute software on your PCs and automate any operation, freeing up your time.


– PC management on and off the Microsoft domain
– Inventory and organization
– Distribution of connection configurations
– Distribution of software and security certificates
– Wi-Fi connections centralized management
– Power management
– Remote Support

Make your PCs completely secure


With Agile4PC you can replace the Windows desktop with a smart and controlled interface for accessing local and remote applications.

Only the administrator can modify or install software, avoiding any tampering with the PCs.



– Desktop lockdown
– Access to local and remote applications with smart GUI
– Microsoft UWF (Unified Write Filter) management
– PC authentication via Wi-Fi network
– ThinMan Login: simplified access and custom profiles
– Smart Identity: Login via smart card
– GUI customization

Create your kiosks in a few seconds


With Agile4PC only 5 clicks are enough to create a customized full screen browser kiosk.

From the information point to digital signage, with Agile4PC you can create and control the kiosks in a simple and automatic way.

This feature allows you to easily ensure device security and preventing any other application from starting.



– Simplified creation of browser kiosks
– Customization of navigation buttons

Download product specifications


 Download now the documentation:

Complete your endpoint solution with perfect management!

Discover how the ThinMan management console can help you managing all your endpoints in an easy and effective way.



Agile4PC can be purchased as an annual lease  fee per device.

The fee is divided into two levels, related to the ThinMan management console:

Agile4PC Premium
Agile4PC Platinum



Agile4PC Premium – New Licence – Lease fee, 1  Endpoint, First year use 15,00
Agile4PC Premium – RENEW licence –  Lease fee, 1 Endpoint, 1 additional year use 15,00
Agile4PC Platinum – New Licence – Lease fee, 1  Endpoint, First year use 20,00
Agile4PC Platinum – RENEW licence – Lease fee, 1 Endpoint 1 additional year use 20,00
Praim Agile4PC Agile4PC Premium Agile4PC Platinum
Desktop lockdown with Agile Mode Yes Yes
Bg Info customization Yes Yes
User settings customization
– Video
– Mouse
– Keyboard
– Audio
Yes Yes
Grafic customization Agile mode
– Background image
– Layout colors
– Logo image
Yes Yes
Certificate manager Yes Yes
Wi-Fi manager Yes Yes
Wi-Fi Login Yes, in Agile mode Yes, in Agile mode
ThinMan Smart Identity Yes, in Agile mode
Resources manager
Connection autostart Yes Yes
Remote assistance Yes Yes
Supported connections
Google Chrome Yes Yes
Internet Explorer Yes Yes
Local application Yes Yes
Citrix receiver Yes Yes
VMware Horizon Client Yes Yes
Microsoft RDP client Yes Yes
Management of  Agile4PC with ThinMan Yes Yes
Software Distribution Yes Yes
Remote Service Support Yes Yes
ThinMan Login Access Management Yes
Easy activity management (Scheduler)  3 activities only Yes
Device profiling 3 profiles only Yes
Classifier Yes
ThinMan Repeater Support Yes
Inventory & Log management Yes
Supported O.S.
Windows 10 P P
Windows 8.1 P P
Windows 7 P c

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