Agile is a new software solution. It can be installed on Windows devices and offers a simplified and optimised interface for the access to enterprise Cloud resources and prevents any tampering of the workspace.

With Agile you can improve your workspaces turning them into a smartphone-like device. The launcher type simplified interface lets you initiate connections to your resources with a single click.

The administrator is then able to prevent users from complications of a Windows desktop by making a lockdown of the terminal.

Even if you do not use the Agile Mode interface, the device becomes completely manageable by Praim ThinMan console.

What can Agile do for your workstations?




Smart Desktop Interface Smart Organisation Simple Login & Authentication
Desktop Lockdown & Write Filter Full Control & Management Management activities advanced scheduler
GUI Personalisation Software Distribution Advanced Profiling for all Devices
Ideal for touch devices Passwords & Certificates Centralised Management Branch Offices Management
Browser Kiosk Integrated Remote Support Service Inventory & Log management
Unique experience on every device    
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On which devices is Agile available?

Praim Windows Embedded Thin Clients

It is possible to enable the Agile Mode interface and offer users a smarter and simplified user experience for access to resources and distributed applications.

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Other brands Thin Clients

Agile can also be installed on thin client solutions from other brands. The same Agile Mode user experience available on Praim devices is exportable to all compatible devices, with the great advantage of making unique the platform on which users operate.

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PC Windows

Agile Mode secures your PC-type workstations performing a complete desktop lockdown, and offering an interface that simplifies access to corporate applications.

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Is Agile the ideal product for me?

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