Praim Windows thin clients

Agile is available on all Praim thin clients running Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 10 IoT.

It is possible to enable the Agile Mode interface and offer users a smarter and simplified user experience for access to resources and distributed applications.

Agile Mode allows the administrator to have complete control of the workstation from ThinMan console, leaving the user free to customise the monitor, video, audio and keyboard settings.

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Other thin clients

Agile can also be installed on thin client solutions from other brands. The same Agile Mode user experience available on Praim devices is exportable to all compatible devices, with the great advantage of making unique the platform on which users operate.

Agile can be installed on devices running Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows 10 IoT operating systems.

PCs and Notebooks

Agile Mode secures your PC-type workstations performing a complete desktop lockdown, and offering an interface that simplifies access to corporate applications.

Where provided by the Windows version installed, Agile enables the management of Microsoft UWF (Unified Write Filter).

Thanks to Agile, even the PCs can be centrally monitored and managed from a single management console: Praim ThinMan. All configuration and certified software distribution operations will be easily automated.

In case of need you can follow your users directly from the console, thanks to the integrated remote support tool.

Agile simplifies your PC management: total control, from a single console, without the need to join the PCs to a domain.

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