Smart Desktop Interface

“It offers a Launcher-type interface for an easy access to resources”

Agile simplifies access and implementation of both external and local resources. The user has access to the resources configured for him, through a simple interface, similar to a modern smartphone.

Thanks to Agile Mode, it is possible to use an intuitive login and start all resources with a simple click.

Desktop Lockdown & Write Filter

“Create in a few clicks a tamperproof Windows workstation”

Agile allows you to avoid any kind of tampering on the device by the user. Exclusive access to system parameters is reserved to the administrator, who may decide which configurations the user can access can and block all undesired operations.

Agile can directly manage Microsoft Enhanced Write Filter (EWF) and Unified Write Filter (UWF) functions in embedded systems and PC systems, where present and enabled.

User Interface Personalisation

“Optimise the work of corporate teams through the creation of customised interfaces”

The Agile Mode interface can be customised by the administrator. The selected graphics can reflect the company’s image or, for example, the work team to which the configuration is dedicated.

Customising Agile interface can help you distribute specific information to the various business teams, improving their performance and simplifying the interaction with business tools.

Enabled Smart Touch Experience

“Agile creates an optimised workstation for access with touch devices”

Agile has been designed for a full integration with touch devices. The menu is intuitive and built to operate with just the touch of a finger.

Browser kiosk

“Create secure navigation kiosks with Windows systems”

Agile enables the creation of easy operation kiosks, but that also ensure protection of the operating system and device, allowing the user only the access to specifically authorised programs and applications.

Unified Desktop Interface

“The same interface on all user’s workstations”

Agile provides the same user experience on any device. Whether the workstation is equipped with a PC, a thin client, or another Windows device, Agile guarantees a Smart Cloud Access!

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