ThinMan Login Access Management

“A simple authentication system for the access to applications”

Secure access to all devices can be guaranteed by the use of ThinMan Login functionality to the Agile device.

Users (local or Active Directory), are directly authenticated from the console, which allows or denies access.

The ThinMan Login function also allows the automatic pass-through of credentials to the chosen connections and manages passwords’ expiry date and renewal.

Easy Activity Management

“An advanced scheduler for the automation of all operations”

All management operations on Agile devices can be automated through the use of an advanced scheduler included in ThinMan console.

With this feature you can program in a simple and more granular way all the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance activities on workstations.

Unlimited Profiling and Automation

“Unlimited devices profiling”

It is possible to create different configuration profiles, which are automatically distributed according to the parameters chosen by the administrator.

The workstation, therefore, dynamically reacts by downloading the dedicated profile from the console.

It is possibile to categorise the devices with custom tags (Classifier) and use these tags as parameters for performing activities or configurations distribution.

ThinMan Repeater

“Extend full control to remote offices, without complications”

ThinMan Repeater is a brand new software component that is possible to install on every Windows device. It works as a repeater between the remote network devices and the ThinMan Platinum Edition console.

After its installation in branch offices the IT administrator will have a complete access to remote devices, without the need of VPN, simply by using the Internet connection.

Inventory and Log Management

“Quickly export all workspace information”

ThinMan collects and stores numerous information related to Agile devices. The integrated inventory function collects data from Agile devices, as well as their features and the external devices connected to them.

Furthermore, by generating a log file, it is possible to get the individual device logs and the interactions between the console and workstations.

All data is made available in exportable files, which can be used with advanced analysis tools, making simple inventory and network troubleshooting tasks in technical assistance activities.

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