Smart Organisation

“A simple tool for checking and organising your workstations”

By using ThinMan management console you can search and view all Agile workstations in a tree structure.

Thanks to the console you can quickly organize your workstations into groups, by customising the management platform according to your preferences and needs.

Management & Configuration

“Centralised workstations management and configuration”

Agile device automatically notify to ThinMan management console, by providing the operator with the real situation of operating and unreachable workstations.

Power on, power off, configuration and refresh of workstations are just some of the tasks the administrator can perform.

All management activities can be driven directly from ThinMan console on individual devices or managed groups.

Software Distribution

“Remote installation of new applications with a click”

Agile devices can receive third-party software installation packages in addition to dedicated configurations.

A very simple wizard, included in ThinMan console, makes elementary a process that would otherwise be very complex in distributed environments.

Certificate Management

“Easy distribution of security certificates and passwords update management”

Inside workstations configuration and update activities it is possible to include the distribution of security certificates, avoiding the use of complex Microsoft domain Group Policy.

Remote Support Service

“Being next to your user without moving”

All Agile devices enjoy the remote support system offered by ThinMan.

Help desk operators can launch remote support sessions directly from the console, without the need to resort to external tools, with great service time/cost simplification and optimisation.


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