Small businesses up to about 30 users, the device fleet consists of PC of different generations, gradually acquired with the inclusion of new employees in the company.


Workstations are not managed and are left to the direct use of each individual user, without to maintain the control over which applications are installed and used.

Very often there is not an IT manager in the company, and every problem requests an external assistance, with an increase in maintenance costs.

Users have full access to the PC and can install unwanted applications Agile Mode allows you to perform the lockdown of the workstation, allowing access only to business-related applications.
There is no IT manager in the company and any assistance activity involves an external technician Agile enables centralized management with ThinMan. It is possible to enable access to the management console to an external consultant and optimize costs and support response times.



A medium or large company with an increasing number of users and workstations, which are often shared and differentiated by user type. A more complex application infrastructure that needs to be managed in a capillary way, daily application support requirements.


The IT department is subjected to an increasing number of support requests. The different lines of business request different types of configurations and a personalised set of connections for users. The device inventory becomes a need to keep corporate assets under control.

Keep devices configured Agile enables the centralised management of PC through ThinMan, making it easy to configure all the devices in an automatic way.
Reduce the problems on the workstations and increase IT efficiency Agile Mode interface unifies the user’s GUI, and allows the access only to business applications. In this way the IT department prevents users from accidentally compromising workstations with improper actions.
Increase the life of workstations Old PCs with Agile can be used as terminals for connection to remote applications, and can be easily centrally managed.
To collect information on corporate devices Agile enables the collection of data of the workstation and of the connected devices. Data is collected from ThinMan and can be exported for processing by external inventory tool.



Service providers are constantly seeking ways to improve the offered services and bring down the cost of service. The research of new business models is one of the keys to growth for these companies.


The support intervention by the customer office are expensive, and this type of activity is not scalable and expensive. It is very difficult to expand the customer base, as well as the monitoring of the customer’s infrastructure.

Monitor the customer’s infrastructure Thanks to ThinMan is it possible to monitor the situation of customer’s workstations and maintain an updated view of the status of the devices.
Cut the costs of intervention by the customer Agile and ThinMan allow you to operate both on configuration and remote software installation, cutting the costs of intervention and avoiding the transfer to the customer’s office.
Build a value-added support services Thanks to the remote support feature you can perform a shadowing session of the Agile device, providing a more efficient service for technical support and application support.
Expand your customer base Agile and ThinMan tools helps to facilitate the work of the operators of the service provider. The simplification and automation of device management enable the single operator to increase the number of customers he can follow.

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