Multiple Actions & Scheduler

ThinMan supports the execution of actions to device groups. Through the multiple selection of the devices in the GUI, it is possible to perform an action on a whole set in an immediate way. The integrated scheduler allows an easy way to program the actions on single, multiple, or groups of devices.


Allows to classify all thin clients through classes and values defined by the administrator. The classification can be used to automatically apply configuration profiles, to perform configuration actions or inventory actions, also transversely to groups of devices.

Available in Platinum Edition, this service increases the efficiency of all ThinMan services starting from the application of configuration settings, to update actions, researches, cataloging and maintenance of installed devices.

ThinMan Profile Manager

This feature is designed to be extremely scalable, from small installations of a few units, using an integrated HSQLDB, to enterprise installations of thousands of devices relying on an external MySQL database.

Zero Config & Roaming Profile

The profile manager allows to automatically configure ThinOX thin clients connected to the company network (Zero Config). Configuration sets are automatically assigned to single devices, classes or groups, in accordance with the configured policies. It is also possible to set the connection configuration, so that it is dependent on the user who connects to the device.

In such way each user will keep its connection set independently from the workstation he connects from (Roaming Profile).

ThinMan Login: secure authentication for users

ThinMan Login is the feature that allows to protect devices from unauthorized access, defining users and groups that could access thin clients in the network.

ThinMan can use either its database or Active Directory users. ThinMan Login enables the Roaming Profile functions.

ThinMan Repeater

“Extend full control to remote offices, without complications”

ThinMan Repeater is a brand new software component that is possible to install on every Windows device. It works as a repeater between the remote network devices and the ThinMan Platinum Edition console.

After its installation in branch offices the IT administrator will have a complete access to remote devices, without the need of VPN, simply by using the Internet connection.

ThinMan features


Organisation  Device Management

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