Edit, back-up, restore configuration & template creation

ThinMan allows a remote device configuration with the purpose of modifying it or just saving and restoring it later on the remote device.

It allows to export a device configuration as a template to be reimported on other devices. This function helps users to easily and quickly duplicate the needed configuration.

ThinMan allows global backups of all the managed network devices including their specific configurations, helping to restore, in case of fault, the entire ThinMan management console or just specific configuration on single devices.

Software Updates

ThinMan is a great way to keep the Thin Client estate up to date with the latest firmware available.

The update operations can be centrally performed on both single devices or groups of devices, in multiple and scheduled mode.

Make simple to manage updated and improve security of your devices.

Third party software distribution

Thanks to the feature of third-party software packages installation, it is possible to distribute and install applications in Windows with Agile software devices, both thin clients and PCs.

Windows Embedded Thin Client cloning

ThinMan allows users to save and restore disk images of Windows Embedded models in an extremely easy way.

Profile Manager service

The Profile Manager service allows the dynamic management of the device configuration profiles.

This feature enables the delivery of the configuration settings based on policies defined for each user, group or device policies.


Power Management & Wake On Lan Relay

ThinMan supports the remote power on/off on the Thin Clients equipped with a Wake On LAN support. With a simple click, users can easily power on and off remote devices on the network (even groups at scheduled tasks).

Thie Wake On Lan feature ensures the power on of the devices in complex network environments where switch appliances usually limit the W.O.L. command.

ThinMan features


Organisation Automation

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