How  to request a ThinMan Premium license

If you still do not have a ThinMan license, you can request your ThinMan Premium license for your devices directly from My Praim area.

To access My Praim you need to have a valid account on our website and the rights to access this reserved area (you can find more information here:

Here are the steps you need to follow: 

Log in to and click on your account icon on the top right side of the page

Choose My Praim from the menu it will appear.

In My Praim area, choose the menu link License Request.

In this area you’ll find the procedure you need to follow in order to get the license, specifically:
Enter your contact information;
Attach your devices list (suggested)
Send the form

Our staff will take care of your request and will give you a feedback as soon as possible by sending you the license code via e-mail.
To know more about the License Management, please visit this page:

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