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A single console for managing all your endpoints

The software for centralized management of all your endpoints:
Thin & Zero Clients, as well as PCs.

Organize and track your workstations from a single point


With ThinMan, all the information about your endpoints and their configuration is at your fingertips. With the structured tree interface, doing maintenance is easy.

ThinMan keeps operational expenses in check by reducing the time required to manage workstations.


– Automatic discovery
– Endpoint status and notifications
– Search, sort and filter
– Visualise configuration: RAM, disks, connections, firmware versions, and connected devices
– File inventory
– Group creation
– Automatic device assignment

Manage devices for maximum efficiency


ThinMan provides simple and complete endpoint management: power management, software updates, application installs, configuration, and remote assistance. Maintenance is just a few clicks, saving time you can spend on strategic tasks that can make the company grow.


– Power management/WOL
– Configuration management
– Updates
– Factory default
– Cloning and restoring
– Software distribution
– Template repository
– Package repository
– Remote assistance

ThinMan does the work for you!


Schedule automatic distribution to endpoints using personalised configurations. It’s easy to create and configure workstations for any user or department according to their needs and the type of endpoint.


– Group actions and multiple selection>
– Scheduled activities
– Event triggered activities
– ThinMan login
– Automatic profile assignment for devices and user types

Secure & fast access to your company’s resources


ThinMan Smart Identity allows you to implement a multi-factor authentication, manage user access, enforcing security.

Using ThinMan Smart Identity you can provide users with a physical key that makes the authentication process faster on different workstations, “moving” their resources from one workstation to another in a simple and time-consuming way.

ThinMan Smart Identity is designed to work with many smart cards and readers: both with physical reading of the card through insertion (contact), and with proximity card with NFC (contactless) technology.

Download product specifications


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Complete your solution with the perfect endpoint and management!

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ThinMan Premium Edition ThinMan Platinum Edition
Praim Thin Client
(per managed device)
Included 10000 devices
13 €
ThinOX4PC device Included in product lease fee Included in product lease fee
Agile4PC Included in product lease fee Included in product lease fee


ThinMan Subscription


ThinMan Subscription will let you get the most out of the services available for Praim products.
The fee enables the console to management of Thin Client devices, and grant you the following advantages.

Thin Client management Enabled with active software subscription
ThinMan Console Technical Support Support ticket via web
Telephone support service
Remote assistance
Training  30% discount on Praim training courses


ThinMan Subscription Pricing


ThinMan Premium Edition ThinMan Platinum Edition
First year  Included Included
Following years
From 1 up to 25 devices 50 € 58 €
From 26 up to a 50 100 € 115 €
From 51 up to 75 150 € 173 €
From 76 up to 100 200 € 230 €
Over 100 devices (per managed device) 2 € 2,30 €

ThinMan Editions

ThinMan Premium Edition: multiple features, 1 year for free!

The Premium Edition is conceived to be a complete free of charge tool for demanding IT managers. It includes a lot of essential features to assist IT administrators with reasonable complex environments.
Get your 1 year free Premium licence and many other perks!

ThinMan Platinum Edition: unlimited configurations and advanced features to simplify the management of the most complex environments!

ThinMan Platinum Edition offers advanced features, unlimited configurations and multiple consoles. It is designed for enterprise multisite environments with extremely elaborated configuration needs. The Platinum edition provides IT Managers with an extensive console to manage unlimited number of devices in a fully automated way, and to distribute management operations and help-desk functions to multiple operators.

Editions ThinMan Premium ThinMan Platinum
Access mode
Multi operator Local Console Single user Multiple users
Remote Console Single user Multiple users
Web Console Single user Multiple users
Access Control List to the console Local Users (ThinMan Access Control) Single user Multiple users
Access Control List to the console Active Directory Users (ThinMan Access Control) Multiple users
Supported devices
Praim Thin Clients Up to 10000 Based on license
Agile4PC Based on Agile4PC subscription Based on Agile4PC subscription
ThinOX4PC Based on ThinOX4PC subscription Based on ThinOX4PC subscription
ThinMan Repeater Based on license
Devices organization and information
Automatic search of devices via broadcast/IP range Yes Yes
Quick search based on device properties Yes Yes
Devices sorted by properties Yes Yes
Creation of device groups Yes Yes
Group properties for IP range and SubNet Mask (TCP/UDP) Yes Yes
Group view with devices positioning on custom background Yes
Groups view based of filters based on user groups Yes
Details view with chronology of new added device and last notification Yes Yes
Details view with characteristics of RAM and disk memory Yes Yes
Device administration
Device power off and reboot Yes Yes
Wake-On-LAN Yes Yes
Wake-On-LAN Relay –  Power on for branch offices Yes
Monitoring of the device status Yes Yes
Remote control (shadowing) of the devices Yes Yes
Actions with multiple selection of devices Yes Yes
Configurations / Updates
Off-line configuration of devices Yes Yes
Configuration save/copy/backup/restore Yes Yes
Device software update Yes Yes
Factory reset for Thin Client Windows Embedded Yes Yes
Backup, restore and clone of Thin Client Windows Embedded Yes Yes
Third party software distribution for Thin Client Windows Embedded Yes Yes
Template repository Yes Yes
Package repository Yes Yes
Automation of activities and configurations
Activities scheduler Up to 3 Unlimited
Activities on event Up to 3 Unlimited
Automatic profiles distribution per device  (Zero Config) Up to 3 Unlimited
User authentication service for local users (ThinMan Login) ThinOX Thin Clients ThinOX Thin Clients
User authentication service for Active directory users (ThinMan Login) Yes
Automatic profiles distribution per user (ThinMan Login) Yes
Dynamic  view of connected users  (ThinMan Login) Only local users Yes
Classifier Yes
On file inventory of managed devices Yes
Extend LOG diagnostics Yes Yes
ThinMan Server
Integrated HQSL database Yes Yes
Support for external database MySQL Yes
Support for external database Microsoft SQL Server Yes
Secondary fault tolerance ThinMan server Yes

Smart Identity Licensing


Price €
ThinMan Smart Identity  – New Licence – Lease fee, 1  User, First year use 12,00
ThinMan Smart Identity – RENEW licence –   Lease fee, 1  User, 1 additional year use 10,00


ThinMan Smart Identity accessories


Price €
External USB NFC CARD Reader 39,00
Pack 10 NFC Cards for ThinMan Smart Identity 9,00

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