Praim ThinMan console, along with Agile and ThinOX4PC, allows you to centrally manage all your devices, whether Praim Thin Client or competition ones, PCs, and other devices converted to ThinOX operating system.

The centralised management console for your workspaces

ThinMan is a simple and intuitive management console that allows you to centrally manage all your deployed devices.

ThinMan helps you automating all installation and management operations on your thin & zero client and PC devices, saving time and money.

Your endpoint estate will be constantly monitored and any failure or assistance request can be quickly solved without directly working on the device.

It is all about automation

ThinMan allows to implement management and maintenance operations in a scheduled and automatic way.

Thanks to the profiling system it is possible to manage in an automatic way also the most heterogeneous groups of devices and users.

Why use ThinMan?

The devices management tool takes on a decisive role in a typical thin client infrastructure. It is the essential element to bring down your OPEX, simplifying and reducing the time required to manage all the network devices.

What can I do with ThinMan?

ThinMan offers a complete tool to manage your endpoints.

Through the simple graphic interface and the granular contextual menus you can apply actions like switch-on, switch-off, updates, control and remote assistance, all from a single software.

ThinMan offers also a wide additional features for the inventory and debug activities.

ThinMan features


Organisation  Device Management  Automation

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