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ThinMan Smart Identity

Fast & secure access to your company’s resources

The smart card authentication solution for accessing your PCs and thin clients

ThinMan Smart Identity is an additional ThinMan Platinum Edition module that allows users to access their workstations, using a contact or contactless smart card with NFC technology.

The authentication process is faster, simpler and without any waste of time.

ThinMan Smart Identity allows you to enable different types of access and security, in a granular way.

The administrator can decide the authentication parameters to be implemented:

– by simply requesting to insert the card into the reader

– to the combined request for card + password/PIN.

ThinMan Smart Identity allows the administrator a simple and effective management of users who access the system.

The enrollment process is totally under control by the administrator, who can enable and disable the user cards and the devices to be enrolled.

Smart Identity is compatible with all Praim endpoint solutions: Agile4PC, ThinOX4PC and all thin clients (Windows and ThinOX).

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Price €
ThinMan Smart Identity  – New Licence – Lease fee, 1  User, First year use 12,00
ThinMan Smart Identity – RENEW licence –   Lease fee, 1  User, 1 additional year use 10,00


ThinMan Smart Identity accessories


Price €
External USB NFC CARD Reader 39,00
Pack 10 NFC Cards for ThinMan Smart Identity 9,00

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