ThinOX4PC is the Praim software solution designed to extend the life of your PC and turn it into a powerful thin client.

ThinOX4PC installs the linux-based operating system Praim ThinOX on devices like PCs, notebooks, or thin clients from other brands. The user experience is smooth and flawless and all the devices can be fully and automatically managed by Praim ThinMan.

Make your IT green and cut the hardware investment

With ThinOX4PC you can convert your old PCs and notebooks into light and high-performance thin clients, cutting the hardware investment and extending the life of your old workstations. 

Secure your old PC 

Praim ThinOX is a very secure operating system, which does not allow the regular user to perform write operations on the disk, making the converted PC totally immune to viruses and tampering.

Only the system administrator can intervene on the device with configuration and software installation operations, while maintaining the complete control of corporate workstations.

Unify your hardware device in a unique experience 

Same operating system, same experience, same management. No matter what the hardware used, the user interacts with the same interface whether you are using a Praim thin client or a ThinOX4PC device.

The IT department can avoid the use of several management tools and forget complex PC management issues, by using only one stable, safe and light management platform.

ThinOX4PC & ThinMan: no other tools needed!

ThinOX4PC enjoys all the configuration, management and deployment features offered by Praim ThinMan console.
Two console versions are available:

–  ThinMan Premium Edition: for a complete and granular management of your devices

ThinMan Platinum Edition: for advanced profiling and the automation of management and deployment operations of workstations.

Bring ThinOX on your PC

ThinOX4PC grants a new life to your PC and allows you to easily manage it from ThinMan

How it works
Installed on PC

ThinOX4PC replaces the operating system installed on the device, performing a full disk formatting.
Praim ThinOX4PC can be installed in the following ways:

  • USB toolkit
  • Windows WDS (Windows Deployment Services)

From bootable USB drive
You can create your ThinOX4PC on a USB drive. The system boot directly from the USB key, without use your hard-disk.

Demo version
From bootable USB drive.

ThinOX4PC licenses are automatically assigned from ThinMan to the workstation which is running ThinOX4PC (installed or on plugged USB drive).

Thin Clients
Praim ThinOX4PC could be istalled on various Thin client models from Acer, Dell Wyse, Fujitsu, HP, Igel, 10Zig, and other brands. Devices based on Intel or AMD chipset are fully compatible.

Depending on the hardware, there may be some individual cases where limitations are present. In light of these possible issues, Praim recommends thorough testing with the free evaluation copy of Praim ThinOX4PC prior to the deployment of the software.

PCs, notebooks and Thin Clients

RAM Min. 1GB
Memory (Flash o HDD) Min. 1 GB
Bios/Uefi Storage Controller IDE – SATA – eMMC
Supported PCs – Standard x86 compabile PC hardware

– Features Storage Controller IDE – SATA – eMMC

– Network Controller

– Graphics card Intel, AMD/ATI

– No support for multi-media redirection with VMware Horizon in VESA mode

– Sound Card (several models)

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Try ThinOX4PC!

ThinOX4PC USB live stick. No installation, full experience.

Thanks to ThinOX4PC live you can try ThinOX on your PC by running the boot directly from a USB stick, without the need to install the new operating system on your device.

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