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New version with 4K Ultra HD video resolution

The new Neutrino offers surprising capabilities at an affordable price: the ideal solution in the most widespread application contexts.

Neutrino ensures excellent performance thanks to the Intel Dual Core 1,6 GHz processor.

Neutrino offers dual monitor support, thanks to the presence of two video outputs (DP and DVI-D).
The new DP output gives you support for 4K UHD resolutions.

Ideal for accessing virtual desktops or cloud/internet based resources, as well as for use with Unified communications and VoIP solutions.

Its design is compact and it adapts to virtually any environment.
Thanks to the VESA mounting kit it can be installed behind the monitor to reduce the overall dimensions in the workstations.

With just 3W, this device reduces energy costs, guaranteeing maximum power.

Neutrino offers optional IEEE 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity with dual external antenna.

Compare Models

Find the right model for your company:


Model Type Ram Flash Disk OS
N1102 2GB No OS
N91-HDX Citrix Zero Client 2GB 8GB ThinOX
N91-RFX Microsoft Zero Client 2GB 8GB ThinOX
N91-HOR VMware Zero Client 2GB 8GB ThinOX
N9152 Thin Client 2GB 8GB ThinOX
N9172 Thin Client 4GB 16GB WES7
N9112 Thin Client 4GB 64GB WIN 10 IoT


Zero clients vs thin clients

Zero clients
Zero client models allow 1 single concurrent connection: on a zero client the only connection client available is the one defined from the model itself.
No other clients or local applications like local browser, PDF viewer, or media player are included.

  • HDX – Citrix Receiver
  • RFX – Microsoft RDP
  • HOR – VMware Horizon Client


Thin clients
Thin client models allows you to execute multiple concurrent connection, with multiple connections protocols and local applications like local browser, PDF viewer, or media player, and more…

Download product specifications


 Download now the documentation:

Complete your endpoint solution with perfect management!

Discover how the ThinMan management console can help you managing all your endpoints in an easy and effective way.

Quality certifications

Praim certifies all its hardware solutions for all the main international standards. At Praim our customers satisfaction and approval is the first priority. All our products are designed to improve life quality of our clients and to simplify their lives. We emphasize the importance of high quality products and we have committed ourselves to meet customers needs, which is reflected by obtaining ISO 9001:2008 certificate since 2010.

Our products are certified to be fully compliant with the security and environmental laws.



Supported operating systems


Praim ThinOX
ThinOX is a Thin Client operating system developed by Praim. It is a Linux-based OS specifically designed to deliver an excellent Thin Client solution for users and for administrators. ThinOX is the result of 15 years of Praim experience in developing embedded OS to power workstations.
It is optimized for specific platforms: it offers secure, reliable and centrally managed Thin Clients and Zero Clients to access most of the available infrastructures from within a small footprint. ThinOX is certified with most popular infrastructure vendors, including Citrix XenApp, XenDesktop, Microsoft RDS, and VMware Horizon.


Windows Embedded Standard 7
Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard, evolution of Windows XP Embedded, gives customers all the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows operating system in a very small footprint. Windows Embedded Standard offers support for thousands drivers and services.


Windows 10 IoT Enterprise for Thin Client

Windows 10 is the right platform for intelligent devices that need enterprise grade security, manageability and line of business applications to scale across a wide range of devices.



Praim provides you also with a series of accessories you can use to customize your thin client

Memory expansion
  80AC00074 4 GB SODIMM DDR3
  80AC00078 8 GB SODIMM DDR3
Add-On Software
76AC00006 Add-on Praim Mediastream Codecs
80ESXPESW Factory custom preconfiguration software service
Cable and display adapters
  80EC00037 Dual monitor adapter cable from DVI-I to SVGA/DVI Compact Dual Core Series with Serial port option
  80EC00035 Short 40cm DVI-DVI cable for VESA mounting
80EC00044 Dual lync DVI Y Cable – P9002 – P9004 models – For video resolution up to 2560 x 1600
80EC00059 DisplayPort male to DVI-D male cable – 120 cm
80EC00058 DisplayPort male to VGA male converter cable – 120 cm
80EC00057 HDMI male to DVI-D male cable – 120 cm
80EC00043 DVI-D male to HDMI female adapter
  80EC00012 USB to Parallel adapter cable
Mounting brackets
80EC00063 DIN-RAIL RACK mounting kit  H Industrial Series
80EC00062 LCD VESA mounting bracket  (75 x 75 o 100 x 100 mm) H Industrial Series
80EC00049 LCD VESA mounting bracket  (75 x 75 o 100 x 100 mm) Edge Series
80EC00048 LCD VESA mounting bracket  (75 x 75 o 100 x 100 mm) Neutrino Series
80EC00064 LCD VESA mounting bracket  (75 x 75 o 100 x 100 mm) Berry Series
80EC00038 LCD VESA mounting bracket  (75 x 75 o 100 x 100 mm) Ultra Quad Core Series, P9004 model
  80EC00026 WALL-ARM VESA mounting bracket KIT –  To combine with VESA brackets cod.  80EC00028, 80EC00032, 80EC00048.
Keyboards and devices
  80EC00015 External USB Smart Card reader
80EC00014 External USB NFC CARD Reader
80EC00021 Pack 10 NFC Cards for ThinMan Smart Identity
  80EC00055 USB 2.0 HUB cable 1 male to 4 female
  89T1100** 105 keys standard PS/2 PC keyboard
  89T1200** 105 keys standard USB PC keyboard
  89T1300** 105 keys standard USB PC keyboard with built- in Smart Card reader


Product warranty

All Praim thin clients have 3 years of standard On-Center Warranty (OCW), from the date of purchase, against defects in materials and workmanship.


Three different options for your neeeds:

This warranty covers costs of labs repairs and shipment back to customers; shipments of breakdown units to Praim labs are in charge to customers.

This option includes the pickup, repair and return of your Praim thin client, shipping included.

This option gives customers an extra service in case of unit breakdown. The replacement with a new unit will be done in advance of the collection of the faulty unit. Customers will receive the substitute product within 24/48 hours from the issue of the RMA.


Warranty Extension
Praim allows customers to extend the benefits of the 3 years warranty up to 4 or 5 years.

Learn more about extensions and warranty options.

 Download now the documentation:
Thin Client Life Cycle

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