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PROMO Trade-in 2018

Innovate your endpoint infrastructure and save with Praim Trade-in

Save up to 20% on new thin clients


Until 31st of July 2018 Praim offers you the possibility to replace yours outdates Praim thin clients with new generation, powerful device.

This time Praim gives you a unique occasion to replace your outdated models with Praim proven and bestselling models

Four models at your disposal: Neutrino N90xx and Ultra Quad Core, Duetto Quad Core as well as brand-new models Neutrino N91xx and Edge.

Don’t miss your chance to save up to €120 on each device and get free delivery!


Download the trade-in terms


How to participate?

  1. Fulfil the form You will be contacted to verify your request.
  2. Purchase new units at promotional prices through usual Praim reseller.
  3. Enjoy all the benefits of the new and powerful Praim thin clients!


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