Praim Team 41 Rep.

The registration to Praim platform allows you to participate in the Knowledge Hub and Experts Community Praim. Furthermore, it represents the first step to access My Praim area, the place where all clients and resellers can check all their products, open support tickets and open RMA/DOA requests.

Please follow these steps in order to register to Praim platform:  

→ First of all you need to click Login, in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

→ You scroll down to the Registration part of the page, and you fill in the form.

→ You need to insert your personal details and your company information.

→ Then click Register.

→ You will receive an activation email.   

→ You need to click Activate you account.

→ You are now logged in in Praim.com!

→ You will also receive another email with your account information.      

Now that you are logged in you can enjoy Praim community!

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