Trial version – Follow these steps:


Fill in the form to start the download of  ThinMan Smart Identity (from the button here below).
(Minimum version 7.8.0)

[If you already installed ThinMan, upgrade to the latest version from the My Praim area]

Choose the endpoint solution you want to try:

-Agile4PC (minimum version 2.4.2) – Download it now on your Windows PC

-ThinOx4PC Live (minimum version 10.3.3) – Create now your thin client on USB key

Make sure to have compatible smart card reader and smart cards (consult the list).

You don’t have a smart card reader or you have a not compatible one?  Fill in this form to ask request a demo kit.


This trial version of ThinMan Smart Identity allows you to evaluate the complete functionality of the product.

The full ThinMan Smart Identity guide is available at this link.

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