Try now the amazing features of the ThinMan management console 

The comprehensive tool to completely manage Thin & Zero Client, Agile or ThinOX4PC devices. Simple management, remote support, software distribution, scheduling management activities, and much more…

You can use Agile for free on your PC or Windows device and enable your Smart Cloud Access

Agile allows you to access to your Cloud resources easily and securely and to centrally manage all your devices via the management console ThinMan.

ThinOX4PC USB Live stick. No installation, full experience

Thanks to ThinOX4PC live, you can try ThinOX on your PC by running the boot directly from a USB stick, without the need to install the new operating system on your device.


Agile and ThinMan
1- To activate Agile, ThinMan, you need to have a valid account on our website
If you still don’t have an account on, create one by following this procedure.

2- Your device must have an internet connection.

3- When you first start it, the software will ask you to activate the demo version by entering the website access credentials.


ThinOX4PC Live doesn’t require an activation. To use it is necessary to follow the USB live creation procedure described at this link.

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