Try ThinMan with Agile and ThinOX4PC software solutions

A simple and intuitive management console to centrally manage all your endpoints. ThinMan automates administrative and operational tasks. Remote support, software distribution, and much more… All from a single dashboard.

ThinMan demo version for Agile and ThinOX4PC solutions

Request ThinMan trial for Thin & Zero Client solutions

ThinMan is the management console that allows you to fully manage Praim Thin & Zero Client devices with ThinOX and Windows Embedded operating systems.

ThinMan trial version for Thin & Zero Client devices

Remove all the complexity of your Windows devices and enable simple access to your resources

Monitor and manage your Windows PCs or thin clients through ThinMan. Agile simplifies Windows graphic interface while providing easy and secure access to Cloud resources. Boost your workspaces turning them into smartphone-like devices.

Cut the hardware investment and extend the life of your old workstations

ThinOX4PC transforms your PC into a powerful and virus-free thin client protected from disk write operations and tampering. Repurpose your existing hardware and enjoy standardized environment! Now, available on Live USB stick.


1- To activate Agile, ThinMan, you need to have a valid account on our website
If you still don’t have an account,  create one by following the website user manual

2- Your device must have an internet connection.

3- When you first start it, the software will ask you to activate the demo version by entering the website access credentials.


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