The key points of RUN S.p.A. in the implementation of UCC solutions
Article by Sara Curzel

The key points of RUN S.p.A. in the implementation of UCC solutions

To support the company, Praim stands out not only as a vendor of Thin Client solutions.


RUN S.p.A, leading IT service provider, started its business in 2001 specializing in the finance sector, but is rapidly opening to all markets.

The strong point of RUN S.p.A. is in providing Desktop Virtualization services to all companies that need to work in mobility, by delivering, in particular, projects with Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solutions. The company has now begun to manage the migration of many of the customers using Cisco UCC solutions which consider the possibility to migrate to Microsoft Skype for Business.

Praim supports RUN S.p.A. in concluding this migration phase, providing to the project support and research in UCC virtualization solutions and UCC services.

Find out in our case study how RUN S.p.A has consolidated its virtualization experience with Praim, what were the main benefits experienced by the company and which are their plans for the future.


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