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A single console for managing all your endpoints


The software for centralized management of all your endpoints: thin and zero clients, as well as PCs. ThinMan keeps operational expenses in check by reducing the time required to manage workstations.


Organize and track your workstations from a single point

With ThinMan, all the information about your endpoints and their configuration is at your fingertips. With the structured tree interface, doing maintenance is easy.

Manage devices for maximum efficiency

ThinMan provides simple, complete endpoint management: power management, software updates, application installs, configuration, and remote assistance. Maintenance is just a few clicks, saving time you can spend on strategic tasks that grow the company.

ThinMan does the work for you!

Schedule automatic distribution to endpoints using personalised configurations. It’s easy to create and configure workstations for any user or department according to their needs and the type of endpoint.



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“The ThinMan Centralised management has allowed our IT team to regain control of the clinical endpoints”

Justin Beardmore, IT Infrastructure Manager at St. George’s NHS Healthcare Trust


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Turn your PCs or notebooks into thin clients.

Limit investment in new hardware, increase security, optimize the management of your endpoints.



Transform your network PCs into flexible and fully managed devices.

The simplified interface gives you the ability to lock desktops and protect PCs from undesired installations and malware.


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