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Attention – ThinMan terms of license changes

Which are the new subscription terms?

Starting from ThinMan version 7.6.2, ThinMan Software Assurance terms have been changed, now renamed ThinMan Subscription.

ThinMan Software subscprition application

Managed devices

ThinMan Premium Edition

ThinMan Platinum Edition

Praim Thin Client
ThinOX4 PC
License Free Paid license
1 year included,
mandatory following years
1 year included,
mandatory following years
Agile License Paid subscription Paid subscription
Included Included


Which are the new subscription terms?

ThinMan subscription includes:

Device Management
Thin Clients and ThinOX4PC devices
ThinMan Updates
Security updates and bug resolution
New ThinMan features
ThinMan Console Technical Support
Support ticket via web
Telephone support service
Remote assistance
30% discount on Praim training courses

How much does the renewal cost?

Prices for 1 year subscription of ThinMan Subscription
Prices are calculated on the number of managed Thin Client or ThinOX4PC devices.
PCs with Agile software are not subject to ThinMan subscription.

ThinMan Premium Edition

ThinMan Platinum Edition

First year Included Included
Following years
From 1 up to 25 devices

50 Euro

58 Euro

From 26 up to a 50

100 Euro

115 Euro

From 51 up to 75

150 Euro

173 Euro

From 76 up to 100

200 Euro

230 Euro

Over 100 devices

(per managed device)

2 Euro

2,30 Euro

What if I do not renew?

With ThinMan subscription expired, only the single-device manual firmware update is allowed.
Device management, ThinMan upgrade, and access to support services will be blocked.

How can I renew?

ThinMan version 7.6.2 and later
You can apply for ThinMan subscription renewal using the dedicated button on the ThinMan console license manager menu, as described in the manual published in Wiki Praim (

ThinMan version 7.6.1 and earlier

You can request the renewal of ThinMan subscription by filling out the form posted at

Renew your subscription now.

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