Device information and status

ThinMan shows you all the information about the connected device like IP address, MAC address, operating system version and more….

Thanks to the automatic notification, you can always know the status of your device.

Automatic search and automatic notification of network devices

It allows to carry out an automatic search of all Praim devices present in the network, both through broadcast and through IP range.

In such a way, ThinMan browse devices in a local LAN and in complex WAN geographical networks.

Praim devices connected to the network are automatically notified to the ThinMan server, enabling the administrator to quickly identify the new devices present into the infrastructure.

Group Management

This component allows the positioning, even automatic, of devices within specific groups, organised upon their IP ranges or their physical placement. It is possible to apply rules to the groups for the execution of immediate or scheduled actions.

The same groups could also be used to create configuration profiles, that allow to automatically push the right configuration on specific devices, groups or classes.

ThinMan features


Device Management  Automation

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